Party Menu


( 3 Courses £21.95)

You are served a selection of 9 mixed Meze dishes including vegetarian, 5 cold and 4 hot, all served with freshly homemade Turkish bread & olives.

Cold meze (1st Course)

Humus, Cacik, Tabouleh and Beetroot and Feta Cheese


Hot meze (2nd Course)

Calamari Rings, Grilled Sucuk, Falafel and Borek


CHICKEN SHISH Marinated Cubed Tender Chicken Breast Fillet, Grilled to Perfection. Served with Mixed Leaf Salad, Bulgur Wheat

LAMB FILLET MIGNON Succulent Whole Lamb Middle Neck Fillet Charcoal Grilled with Oven roasted Mixed Peppers, Served With Mushrooms, Grilled Tomato and Chips (£2.00 suppliment)

COMBO GRILL Charcoal Grilled 2 Cubes of Lamb, 2 Cubes of Chicken and Lamb Kofteand 1 Chicken Wings, Served with Mixed Leaf Salad, Bulgur Wheat (£1.50 suppliment)

LAMB or CHICKEN BEYTI Grilled Minced Lamb or Chicken in a Large Tortilla with Garlic, Flat Leaf Parsley,Served with Oregano Butter, Yoghurt, Mixed Leaf Salad & Bulgur Wheat

SIRLOIN STEAK (10oz) 28 Days Aged Scottish Sirloin Steak, Grilled to your Likings and Served with Grilled Beef Tomato, Mushrooms, Chips and Mixed Leaf Salad(£2.00 suppliment)

Chicken or Lamb or Vegetables GÜVEÇ (Traditional Casserole)

Clay Pot Cooked Lamb or Chicken with Mediterranean Vegetables, Herbs, Spices and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Served with Bulgur Wheat

MEAT or VEGETABLE MOUSSAKA Homemade with Ground Beef, Aubergines,Courgettes, Potato, Cheese & Béchamel Sauce, Served with Side Salad

GRILLED SALMON FILLET Generous Portion, Charcoal Grilled with Herbs,Lemon Juice & EX V Olive Oil, Steamed Seasonal Vegetables and baby Baby Potatoes

HELLOUMI SKEWERSCharcoal Grilled Halloumi with Courgettes,Peppers and Cherry Tomato. Served with Salad Garnish and Bulgur Wheat